Tongue and groove big band performance Tongue and groove big band performance Tongue and groove big band performance

The Tongue & Groove Big Band

Coventry & Warwickshire based professional band

The Tongue and Groove band is based in Coventry and is made up of the finest musical talent in the Midlands, with a wide-range of experience in all fields of music. Their membership includes a healthy mix of freelance classical and jazz musicians, teachers, theatre music directors and students. They don’t restrict themselves to one particular style, but are flexible enough to adapt to any occasion, be it Dinner & Dance, 40′s Night, Blitz Ball, corporate function or jazz festival. In addition, as many of the band members are full-time educators, they are in a unique position to offer educational concerts and workshops. They aim to keep big-band music alive but to make it as accessible as possible to today’s audience. This is reflected in their repertoire, which ranges from Glenn Miller to Amy Winehouse!

The band was formed in September 2001. It was felt that although there seemed to be a lot of big bands around the country, reflecting a significant interest and demand, most of them perform on an amateur level, playing the same tired old arrangements. T&G are committed to playing only the best quality music around, and playing it to the finest professional standards.